Hail (New) Atlantis!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the latest arrival in the community of Voynichese bloggers:

Rich SantaColoma, who has for some time developed his Drebbel-Microscope-New-Atlantis theory about the VM’s origin, has finally succumbed like the rest of us to the Web 2.0 paradigm and has opened his own blog, aptly named The Voynich-New Atlantis theory.

Rich SantaColoma's blog

I recommend this blog to everyone who’s interested in the VM, not only because Rich has in general shown a positive attitude towards my blog ;-). But though I’m not really a subscriber to his theory, I still think he has a number of valid points, and I agree with many of his observations regarding the general research on the VM. The blog may seem a bit verbose at the beginning, but check it out anway: It takes some space to summarize a theory that’s been well developed over the past few years…

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Rich!

Completely OT: “Pearls Before Swine” blog

Since its invention in around 2000, I’ve been a devoted follower of the Pearls Before Swine cartoons designed by Stephan Pastis. While not every strip is a real hit (IMHO), a good number of them is outrageously funny. An original drawing by Stephan from his “early period” (nowadays he’s apparently too busy to give them away ;-) is one of my prized possessions.

Anyway, Stephan has started his Pearls Before Swine blog, and not only is it hosted by WordPress like mine, but he also uses the same graphics theme (“Neat!”). It’s a bit odd to see both blogs with their completely different intent, topic and attitude in the same layout… Check it out!

Kissing on the first Date

According to Yale’s New Journal (scroll down to the article “Shelf life”), the long awaited radiocarbon dating and ink and vellum analysis on the VM are finally underway!

Let’s just hope that this will be one instance in the VM’s history where one answer doesn’t open a whole box of new questions… Unfortunately, the article doesn’t give a date when the results are due, but, considering that the publication is from February and seems to go back to December 2008,… it might be coming anytime.

Stay tuned!

(Thanks to Jeff Haley for bringing this to the VM’s mailing list’s attention.)

Achtung! Wichtigen Annunzment!

Guten Abend!

Will der eminent hollandisch Voynitschist, Voynitschologe und Über-Voynitschosoph René Zandbergen maken eine Performanz in Deutschland an der Mai der 26te, and is in Darmstadt an 6 an Nacht, was ist 18.00 Uhr.

Hier, Herr Zandbergen wollen given eine spektakular Presentation umabout der most mysteriös Voynitsch-Manuskript, was ist ein ungelesen ungekomprechendete Buch von die mysteriös Renaissanz in eine most kopfzerbrecking Chiffre kodiert, welch nonemand zu konne gekrackt habe als jetzt. Will taken nur ein Stund, sein Herr Zandbergen just eine hour da, schnell schnell! Fur schneller speaken, Herr Zandbergen will speaken in Englisch.

Note: Ist nix Performanz für die Hanswursten von der Street, nix Publisch Performanz, but privat. For getten Entree, Sie inquirieren Herrn Zandbergen personlich under r_zandbergen at yahoo dot com fur einen Invitation, bitte.

Danken fur Attention. Weitergehen, weitergehen!

(This message was brought to you by the International Association of Translators in Training.)