Hail (New) Atlantis!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the latest arrival in the community of Voynichese bloggers:

Rich SantaColoma, who has for some time developed his Drebbel-Microscope-New-Atlantis theory about the VM’s origin, has finally succumbed like the rest of us to the Web 2.0 paradigm and has opened his own blog, aptly named The Voynich-New Atlantis theory.

Rich SantaColoma's blog

I recommend this blog to everyone who’s interested in the VM, not only because Rich has in general shown a positive attitude towards my blog ;-). But though I’m not really a subscriber to his theory, I still think he has a number of valid points, and I agree with many of his observations regarding the general research on the VM. The blog may seem a bit verbose at the beginning, but check it out anway: It takes some space to summarize a theory that’s been well developed over the past few years…

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Rich!