Hail (New) Atlantis!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the latest arrival in the community of Voynichese bloggers:

Rich SantaColoma, who has for some time developed his Drebbel-Microscope-New-Atlantis theory about the VM’s origin, has finally succumbed like the rest of us to the Web 2.0 paradigm and has opened his own blog, aptly named The Voynich-New Atlantis theory.

Rich SantaColoma's blog

I recommend this blog to everyone who’s interested in the VM, not only because Rich has in general shown a positive attitude towards my blog ;-). But though I’m not really a subscriber to his theory, I still think he has a number of valid points, and I agree with many of his observations regarding the general research on the VM. The blog may seem a bit verbose at the beginning, but check it out anway: It takes some space to summarize a theory that’s been well developed over the past few years…

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Rich!

3 thoughts on “Hail (New) Atlantis!

  1. Oh fine, one more.

    If there grow up more VMs blogs, we should think about an online RSS feed aggregator to make it a little easier to view the newest postings.

  2. Well thanks so much for the mention, Elmar. There are so many possibles to this mystery, and this is my little corner of investigation. Like you, I look at others, too, with an open mind. I do not claim any answers. I appreciate your understanding of that, and your taking the time with my concepts. Rich.

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