And Now for Something Completely Different!

Sicne today the latest nobel laureates in physics were announced (and since I began to work on it almost exactly twenty years ago), I have decided to upload my own master’s thesis in physics. It dates back to 1993 and went, as far as I can tell, completely unnoticed by the scientific community, which is not surprising since the results were in a nutshell “Our experimental apparatus was ill-suited to determine what we tried to determine.”; Its most eminent merits are probably the collection of quirky quotes used to introduce the individual chapters.

But anyway, I want to spare my thesis from completely falling into oblivion to statisfy my own ego, and, who knows, perhaps there is a soul out there scratching their head over some obscure physical problem to which googling my thesis my just provide the answer — Who knows?

Anyway, here it is, of course in German: DIPL_ARB1, ca. 2MB. Please excuse some formatting problems which arose from translating the sources from the Word 2.0 format used originally.

And as of-coursely, this has nothing to do at all with the Voynich manuscript. There you go.