It’s not in our stars, but in ourselves …

… that we are underlings. (Shakespeare: J. Caesar, I.2 or such)

At the end of the VM, there is the “Recipe Section”, a text-only chapter of the book. The virtually only illustrations in this section are a number of stars along the left margin of the book, which seem to align with the text paragraphs: One star per paragraph.

Now, some of these stars are hollow, some have a dot inside, and some are solidly drawn. (Note that their appearance is similar to the stars held by the nymphs in their trashcans.) In 2006, I had the idea that the design and sequence of these stars may have some significance, for example, that they might be a kind of morse code, really telling us “Ha ha, fooled you!”, or something.

Here’s the result, for your dispersion and elucidation.

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