Voynicheros Velcome the “Voyager”!

Jason Davies, apparently quite new to the Voynich scene, has appeared on the stage with quite some thunder:

Hitherto, browsing through the Voynich manuscript always was a tedious affair, with people either using Beinecke‘s fairly awkward library tool, or perusing the image gallery they had set up at home for themselves. Either way, discussing matters regarding the VM has always been inconvenient when referring to details beyond a mere folio number: One had to refer to “the weirdo character on the second line of f213r”, or such, to communicate special points of interest. Of course, this is prone to misunderstandings. The fact that the VM mailing list doesn’t allow attachments helped to compound the difficulties.

Showing a detail of f77r with the URL 'http://www.jasondavies.com/voynich/#f77r/0.144/0.467/5.00'

Now, Jason has taken matters in his hands and has set up a website with a tool called The Voyager which contains the high-res scans of the Voynich, and a simple interface to navigate through the various images and zoom in and out of them, much like Google Maps. So far so good, but the real hoot of it all is the fact that the current settings for viewing an image are stored in the URL of said page. This means that pointing out a particular detail of any of the folios to someone else on the web is as simple as moving to the detail in question, copying the URL from the address line of the browser, and sending this URL to your other party who will simply paste it in their address field — ta-dah!

Thanks, Jason, for a simple, elegant and powerful little piece of software! This really rocks.