A Plea to all Voynicheros

If you pursue a theory, please keep your website up-to-date.

As happened several times on the Voynich list during the last weeks, readers were encouraged to test other’s deciphering schemes based on publications on certain websites, but ran into dead ends or couldn’t arrive at the same results as the original poster. Only later or after complaining about this were they told that the information on the website was outdated.

This is impolite, cause it’s a waste of time on your readers’ part, it will make them irritated and discourage them to get seriously engaged with your theory, it will make them miss the point (of testing your theory), and it will do your reputation in general no good. So, it’s a win-win if you first update your website and then publicize it.


One thought on “A Plea to all Voynicheros

  1. That is good advice, and as you know, I was personally affected. But there was a lesson, or warning flag as they say, in the effect of one outdated website: It became clear to me, and I was hoping, to the inventor, also, that the system used could never be up to date: It had to be designed “on the fly” for each new attempt on each new word. So yes, the inventor realized the site was outdated… I was hoping they realized it was because it could never be “up to date” without some very subjective tweeking in each new case. But no harm, no foul… this important point… a warning as it were… was missed. And so, the loss to me was a few hours… to the originator, it might be years, or a lifetime, if they never realize it.

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