Letter from France Encore

And here is the next missive from France, this time from Stephanie Levavasseur, and Stephanie has much confidence in either my French faculties or in the abilities of Google translate and sent me her message in French, a language in which in consider myself a dilettante at best. Anyway, alors, mes enfants:

J’ai trouvé ces fragments dans le livre : Pseudo-Apulée, De medicaminibus herbarum liber, SIUE Herbarius (pseudo-Apulée, Herbier) http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b84262821

D’après l’analyse de la BNF qui accompagne le livre, plus de 5 personnes ont annoté le livre après l’auteur.

Voici les pages du manuscrit dans lesquelles se trouvent les fragments:

Qu’en pensez-vous ? des similitudes pour certaines lettres ? tentative de cryptage ?

Now, if I do properly make sense of Stephanie’s mail, she has come across the herbal by Pseudo-Apulée and noted that, according to BNF’s analysis (whoever that is…), the various marginalia found therein were written by no less than five different hands. This being somehow similar to the way the VM marginalias were written, she wonders whether this could be a crib to the VM. (Forgive me, Stephanie, if I mangled your message too badly!)

Now, this looks interesting, especially f135, with the top line which — to me — looks vaguely like Sanskrit, and the characters below looking like regular latin letters which have been blown to pieces. But I guess it would be necessary to know a little more about the history of this book in particular.

The others from the Pseudo-Apulée look like “innocent” (ha!) writing exercises to me, with people writing down the alphabet, with the exception of the second part on f37v, which, at a first glance, makes no sense to me, much like the VM marginalia.

Your opinions, ladies and gentlemen?