From Russia, with Voynich

I’m finally getting around to process the mails which have arrived over the last few weeks regarding readers’ ideas about the VM. (I apologize again to the posters for the delay!)

First of all in the queue is “Y.M.” (Yurij? Yewgenij?), hailing from Russia. He’s a self-declared newcomer to the VM (as opposed to us “old hands” who have been so successful in making heads or tails of it over the last years, apparently ;-), and he has a suggested reading for the notorious marginalia of the VM’s last page, f116v. (Click on the image to get a full-res display.)

M.V.last page

I’m not so sure what to make of it, because to me it looks like just another possible reading of the letter sequences, and one which doesn’t make any more or less sense than the scores which have been presented previously.

One distinguishing feature “Y.M.” failed to address explicitly, though, is the idea that the last “word” on the second line might actually be the astrological symbol for Capricorn, rather than the letter “m” as is usually believed. While inserting Capricorn here doesn’t make the short paragraph much more readable, in general it might be a good idea to include astrological/alchemical symbols into the “character repertoire” against which we try to match the marginalia.

Your ideas? Comments welcome, as always.