Daniel’s Questions 7/8: Editorial structure

7. Has the editorial structure, in what ways it is present and in what ways it isn’t, been discussed somewhere?


2 thoughts on “Daniel’s Questions 7/8: Editorial structure

  1. Well some of what this question relates to is currently beeing discussed in the 6/8: “Solitary” ciphers thread.
    I mean editorial structure as in German “redaktionelle Struktur.”
    7.1 Was there some kind of concept, how the final work should be, or did the book just grow to some unpredictable/sudden end?
    The botanic section does repeat a certain format. The plant, showing root, leaves, trunk and blossom, with some explaining text to it. Or at least, it does some mimicry of such a format. This would be some simple and obvious example of an “editorial structure”.

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