Daniel’s Questions 2/8: Language, Music, Numbers

2. If the “text” is too structured to be language, could it possibly be something else, like music or numbers? The latter has probably already been suggested.
2.1 What would contradict the theory of a roman numbering code or something that includes numbers to a great extent, e.g. chess moves?


3 thoughts on “Daniel’s Questions 2/8: Language, Music, Numbers

  1. Hi Daniel: I know many have suggested music, lyrics, and/or poetry, which I think fit well with the repetitive nature of the Voynich structure. Recently, on the VMs-list, one Cheryl Lynn Helm brought it up again, asking, “…could some of the VM characters and words be widely used abbreviations and truncation characters? In medieval music manuscripts, frequently used words and passages were often abbreviated to reduce the amount of valuable ink, parchment (vellum), and copyist time.” She then linked a great resource of such shorthand notation:

    The idea of shorthand, musical notation, and so on, goes back to the earliest days of Voynich research. I personally think it is a great avenue to explore.

    As for a number code of some kind, there are many possibilities. It is interesting you suggest chess moves, as an early expert on chess was also an expert on such numerical codes: August II, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Numerical codes are my favorite idea, with only probably two other reasonable possibles behind it. I wrote on this code, here:


    • Dear Rich,

      I wrote my comment unknown of your simultaneous one. Anyhow, I can not imagine music, or rather melodies or chess moves to be confidential enough to encrypt and “steganographize” it with lots of plant-star-cycle stuff.
      I flew over your last link and agree that the Voynichtext could likely resemble numbers, but what would you suggest the numbers resemble? What 15th century encoded numbers existed to resemble information?

  2. I’d like to further comment on this. I do not want to suggest or even argue, that Voynichtext resembles some music or chess-moves. However, it could resemble something only very simply or not at all encrypted that has nothing to do with general prose but rather other pieces of ordered information, worth to be written down any maybe confidential enough to be encrypted.

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