Daniel’s Questions 1/8: Information Hiding

1. Are the thinkable reasons one could have in the 15th century to hide whatever information somehow limited?
1.1 How much thread was in the relevant time-frame from the catholic church regarding unwelcome information?
1.2 How common was it to cypher military or diplomatic information?


One thought on “Daniel’s Questions 1/8: Information Hiding

  1. Most military and diplomatic information, to my very limited knowledge, was usually small notes of very critical information. There was usually codes and/or ciphers involved, that an intended party would have. Nothing that would involve a book or manuscript.
    The majority of the people of Europe could not read or write. But they still read pictures well enough. I would surmise there was agents of the Catholic Church who could read and write so I guess the best reason to hide information of this size is to avoid being tried as a witch or heresy. Although, considering the carbon dating, the only places that might have been doing frequent witch trials around that time was France and Germany.
    So going with that logic, Could the writer be part of a group of people who were newly immigrated to the area and did not want to stand out more than they had to?

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