More Contestants for the Theory of the Month

Professor George C Hall has aubmitted his ideas about the VM:

Many of the “jars” or “tubes” illustrated are actually a form of Prayer Wheel, or “viewer”, operating on the same principles as the 1834 invention commonly known as the “Zoetrope”.

I have studied the Zoetrope, created experimental versions, and manufactured them for twenty years. Some colleagues and I even produced one for the Dali Lama, after my studies of the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, and how sequential images can be used to distract the conscious mind, so a message can reach the sub-conscious.

The conventional Zoetrope is uses strips of images wrapped around the inside of a slotted drum, much like the Prayer Wheel or a horizontal movie film. My latest version, however, is concerned with the circular floors, or Mandalas, that create a 3-D effect, based on the Roget Palisade Illusion.

The Voynich “rosettes” are actually Mandalas that are intended to be spun in a viewer similar to mine. In that way, they come to life, and the messages they contain can be received in a meditative state.

Personal assessment: Well… either we assume that the VM is a late-19th century hoax, or the middle ages already knew about zoetropes.

But the real question is: Can you make the rosettes actually behave like a mandala? If not, it’s really only a quaint, but hard to substantiate idea…