You have a Theory of your Own about the Voynich Manuscript?

That’s cool, but, frankly, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

I used to give you the option —

use the contact form provided on this blog. If you outline your ideas there, I will turn them into a new post and publish them here.

but lately so much crud has come up, that I feel it’s simply a waste of my time to edit that stuff and respond to it, and it’s a was of my readers’ time to post it for them.

So, please go somewhere else. If you decide to use an existing thread to publish your theories, I’ll mock you and block you. (The contact form will remain open , but I won’t feel obliged to answer anymore if your stuff is too far out.)

Thank you for your understanding.


9 thoughts on “You have a Theory of your Own about the Voynich Manuscript?

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    • To be perfectly honest here – as I read through the old mailing list, as i’ve just begun to do five years after beginning to work on this manuscript – I cannot see much point in trying to present opinions or discuss them in blog format.

      Apart from a couple of posts put up by Julian Bunn, work done and observations made are being ignored, by and large.

      The last blogger to be really treated with any degree of seriousness was rich santacoloma with his Drebbel idea, and that was years ago.

      The earlier generosity between members of the List, who shared scholarly with amateur observations just isn’t to be seen any more, and there appears to be some de-facto decision that work published online can be taken and re-used without the usual courtesies. I find this deeply troubling, especially among scholars – amateurs sometimes just don’t know the form.

      It’s indicative, I think, that none of papers presented at the Conference have been made more widely available, and that while I see a great number of people returning again and again to my blog – some have told me they’ve downloaded everything I’ve published (which is nice), I’d rather when my work was recycled that the style of the old mailing list remained today.

      At present, I feel quite disenchanted with the state of Voynich studies, and sad to think that instead of sharing one’s own results openly, and honestly acknowledging the value of others’, the field has degraded into professional hoarders, plagiarists and otherwise an endless recycling of matter got at second, third or fourth remove.

      So thanks Elmar, but I’d rather have treated the manuscript by systematically analysing its imagery and only at the end of the process offer conclusions. This is my usual method and it’s too late for me to think that beginning from an imaginary story as ‘hypothethes’ is likely to advance this study.

      But thank you for the offer – and for your offer to others. I think you’re another among the few bucking the trend towards a closed and somewhat mean ‘professionalism’,

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  3. If you want to know how to decode it all you have to do is ask. The Jesuits had this book for a very long time the truth is “BE RAS RABBI” on the first page it says “I C STARS DEAD”. It’s easier than it looks and I can’t be leave all the conspiracy about it. If you broke the law of cause and effect you would know how to create a paradox. To bad you people beleave in the wrong causes and create the wrong effects here!!!

  4. There’s currently a Kickstarter project to reproduce a printed copy of the Voynich Manuscript.

    The project ends around the end of February 2016, so there’s plenty of time to back it!

  5. *Conspiracy theorist speaking* I want to believe that you’ve succeeded in obtaining infromation too valuable to share with the public. Or someone contacted you and told to keep your nose out.

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