Letter from the Ether

It happens every now and then that someone will stumble across this blog and leave a comment in one of the posts, outlining his own theories about the VM. While in general I’m always happy to discuss new findings, leaving them in the post’s context will derail the comment thread of the original post. Thus I will henceforth take the liberty of transplanting such comments into posts of their own.

Here, for example, is what “bdid1dr” wrote last night:

Mr. Vogt,
At the risk of becoming a total bore, I’d like to refer you to folio 86r3, where the discussion for the illustrations on all four corners of that folio translate to the (Latin)identification of the agaricales/coprinicae mushrooms; of which two specimens are often mis-identified. Both are similar in appearance (Shaggy, w/black gills which delicquesce. The illustrations show a bird apparently floating down a waterfall. The various illustrations also show humans peeking around the stems, apparently in the throes of hallucinations, begging for rescue.

I’ll cut my note short by simply giving you “quo per lessus” and “quo per laetussum” The bird is a kingfisher. The “humans” are Alcyone and her mate Ceyx (Aesaxos-King of Trachis/Trachinis.

I hope you can have as much fun as I have had– and maybe you’re up to finishing this partial translation?

If I understand correctly, this refers to this page, although Jason indexes it as f86v3.

I’ll look into it! If nothing else, I will at least have learned what “delicquesce” means.