And Now for Something Completely Different!

Sicne today the latest nobel laureates in physics were announced (and since I began to work on it almost exactly twenty years ago), I have decided to upload my own master’s thesis in physics. It dates back to 1993 and went, as far as I can tell, completely unnoticed by the scientific community, which is not surprising since the results were in a nutshell “Our experimental apparatus was ill-suited to determine what we tried to determine.”; Its most eminent merits are probably the collection of quirky quotes used to introduce the individual chapters.

But anyway, I want to spare my thesis from completely falling into oblivion to statisfy my own ego, and, who knows, perhaps there is a soul out there scratching their head over some obscure physical problem to which googling my thesis my just provide the answer — Who knows?

Anyway, here it is, of course in German: DIPL_ARB1, ca. 2MB. Please excuse some formatting problems which arose from translating the sources from the Word 2.0 format used originally.

And as of-coursely, this has nothing to do at all with the Voynich manuscript. There you go.


One thought on “And Now for Something Completely Different!

  1. I downloaded your paper, and copied and pasted various parts into Google translate. This could only give me a general idea of your test, your aims, and your summary, of course… especially given the technical nature of the paper.

    It surprises me that the manufacturer’s of these plastics have not already done such tests, so that there are no mysteries left. But isn’t that always the case? There is something left to learn, with everything, even the plastic up sitting in the sun.

    Another thing I would love to sit down and talk to you about. I wish that were possible… I know I would have a great time, even if you only came away with a headache!

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