An Eye for an Eye, and a… Letter for a Letter…?

When one follows the developments around the VM, research into it seems to be like a stream, where new ideas and theories appear somewhere upstream in the distance to come closer, and let themselves be examined more fully while they drift by you, before they follow the water downstream and finally vanish in the dusk of forgetableness. Rarely one of them will leave so much as a beacon behind.

One repeated pattern that seems to crop up time after time, and goes mostly unnoticed by even the old-time and seasoned Voynicheros, is the more or less explicit assumption that one VM letter is the equivalent to one plaintext letter, and that one VM word corresponds to one plaintext word.

Now, I can see where this would come from: Of course it’s natural to assume, it’s the most simple and straightforward way to do it (Which, in itself ought to be a warning sign: If the VM was enciphered “simply and straightforward”, it would have been solved long ago…), it’s the way ciphers were done in period, and it lends itself readily to easy analysis.

Unfortunately, in all probability this is not the way the VM was cooked up. Let’s look at a few of the arguments against this case:
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