Holds True for VM Decipherment Attempts as well

“If a piece of calculation leads into an ever-denser thicket, nature probably did not intend you to go that way. Try a different approach.”
David P. Stern: “All I really need to know”

Most VM decipherment attempts can claim initial success, but then begin to stall, and get bogged down. To make any more progress at all, ad hoc rules are then invented which add further stages, exceptions or modifications to the originally supposed scheme. As we all know, this can result in ludicrously complex fabrications.

At this point I usually ask myself: If the algorithm you suggest is really that complex, how could you ever claim initial success with your simple startup version? And if you couldn’t, how could you deduce the ever more complicated steps from a simple start which would never have worked?


3 thoughts on “Holds True for VM Decipherment Attempts as well

  1. Well, setting up a theory and then refining it (which usually makes it more complex) is normal procedure.

    Think how the simple Newtonian Physics is actually “incorporated” into Einsteinian, which is more complex by orders of magnitude.

    Or how the first Indo-European protolanguage reconstructions were by far simpler than the models refined from them, that are considered state of the art now.

  2. Of course, these refinements usually take place in view of _new_facts_, new observations, which were unavailable before. In the case of the VM, all’s been there for study at the initial setup of the theory as well…
    (Wouldn’t you all love, if another book written in Voynichese turned up?)

  3. At least, Newton can be viewed as a good approximation of Einstein for speeds much slower than light, so one could say Einstein didn’t supersede, but complement Newton. Not quite so true for many decipherment efforts.

    A second book in Voynichese… now this is a thought to consider!

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