Safety Margins

Dear all,

I was quite for some time, part of which had to do with the VM, and part of which had to do with the real world.

The VM part was that I was working on the subject of the VM marginalia, and idea Dana Scott had brought up somewhen in 2009.

Well, now I’m finally done, and here you can find the blog page with the results as a downloadable pdf.



3 thoughts on “Safety Margins

  1. Elmar: I’ve had a chance to read through your PDF a couple of times. I like your observations. Most of all it is a good consolodation of the marginalia… it is therefore a good reference document, which I will keep and use when the subject comes up, or I am again looking at these parts of the Voynich.

    As an example, I myself had been trying to consolodate all the variations and uses of the “overbar”, as seen in the “cz” of the f17r marginalia. I came across some of the information you have… but your work is helpful, because it is more complete than what I was able to find, and now, it is all in one place.

    4.2: As for the f66r person (I’m not convinced it is a woman), and the tan coloring being the same on the stomach of the person, and in the “pot”: I have posited elsewhere (can’t find it at the moment) that this could imply that the substance in the pot is a poultice, meant to be topically applied. I mean, it is in the pot and on the stomach… so rather than your interpretation, “If you eat this, your tummy will hurt”, I think it more likely the opposite, a topical remedy. I agree it could be either, but it might be something to keep in mind, when one is tackling these clues.

    As for For f116v (4.3.17), I would add, valden, to your val8cn. Valden is a variation of Walloon, and Walloon has been a VMs suspect language, so maybe I am influenced by that.

    As for 4.3.7: I do see a faint curve below the first of the two connected characters, and I like “cc”. I have wondered if this could be “200”. The following (your 4.3.8), then, may be an incorrectly notated “295”.

    As for 4.3.9: Go man go! Go portas! (doors, gate, Battista Della… )

    As for 6.2.8: I also “see” libra under that mess. You think?

    Those are a few of my observations and notes on your work here. I have others, I’m sure we all do. Thanks for the great piece. I think it is marvelous, and will be really helpful. Can I link a copy on my site? I’ll use my bandwith. Michiton Oladabas, Rich.

  2. Hi Rich,

    Glad you liked it, and thanks for the suggestions!

    I think it would be best if you could directly link from your site to the Treatise page rather than using a copy for two reasons:

    * Seeing the view counter go through the ceiling makes me happy ;-) (and I don’t have to pay for WordPress’ bandwidth),

    * I have a vague feeling that a lot of discussion is going to happen about the marginalia, and it probably would be best to include these new aspects in the document and update it from time to time.

    To this end, one central point both for discussion and for distribution of updated versions would probably be best.

    What do you think?

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