Moat so deep, donjon so high…

I didn’t get around doing much regarding the Voynich lately, much less post anything about it.

To avoid the impression that I’ve fallen off the edge of the world, rather than presenting you something original, let me point your attention today to Richard SantaColoma’s latest work: He has taken the mysterious “rosettes foldout” (aka “f86v”) from the VM, recreated the landscape depicted in 3D, and fed his results into a CAD program.

The original "rosettes foldout" with the mysterious castles, towers and cities

The original rosettes foldout with its mysterious castles, towers and cities

The result of Rich’s work is this amazing animation which includes a “flyby” of the rosettes landscape. Of course, much of this is speculation, and everything will depend on Rich’s interpretation of the VM painter’s original ideas. I have no idea how useful this will turn out in the end, but in any case it’s a novel and well crafted approach.

Enjoy it on Youtube!