A stroke of genius?

n = I
in = L
iin = F
iiin = E



7 thoughts on “A stroke of genius?

  1. The VMS is written in a language that looks like (middel) dutch (hard to read).
    Nick promissed to make a “peace” of my info at the blog.
    Voynich .nl follows…..

  2. Hi Jody,

    I wrote up a fair bit of my piece, but have been planning to borrow a copy of Leo Levitov’s book (whose view of the Voynich Manuscript’s language shares many features with your viewpoint) to compare the two arguments. But given that I haven’t seen Levitov’s book in six years, I don’t want to misrepresent his claims.

    Just so you know where things are up to!

    Cheers, ….Nick Pelling….

    PS: sorry for briefly invading your blog, Elmar! :-)

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